A Humanist wedding can be personalised to achieve just the right kind of celebration for you and your family and friends. We ask you some questions about the kind of couple you are, what kinds of things you'd like in a ceremony, for a few examples:

  • Hand fasting
  • Blending two-colour sands
  • Candle lighting
  • Warming the rings (where the rings are lovingly passed around to each guest to bless in their own special way)
  • Etc.
  • Or perhaps you have an idea of your own, we'd love to hear it and help to make it a reality.

The ceremony encompasses the exchange of vows, the exchange of rings, signing the certificate and presenting the newlywed couple, with special poems and prose to make it unique and enchanting.


These include engagement ceremonies or even a life commitment ceremony for those who feel they don't need a wedding to express their love for their soul mate and commit to walking this life path with them.


These are beautiful and special ceremonies that celebrate the love, the experiences and the achievements of the couple. A couple who have been married for a long time have a certain wisdom about life and love, share it with your friends and family and deepen the love and bonds in your relationship.


No fuss, no hassle, but special and significant; a pivotal moment in the couple's life. A ceremony will be personalised to ensure your unforgettable and enduring life milestone is encapsulated.


A new life in the world is reason for a joyful celebration among family and friends. 

A growing number of parents wish to announce the birth if their child but do not want a church or religious event. This non-religious ceremony can be a delightful alternative to a christening or baptism.It is a formal but joyful way of introducing a new baby into your family and social circle and to announce the parents' commitment to nurturing the child into adulthood.

It may be adapted for children of any age, whether a newborn, a stepchild or an adopted child. It usually includes the appointment of mentors or guardians.

There is often a unity candle-lighting ceremony and you can choose poetry or a favourite piece of writing with music.

The ceremony does not prevent the child committing to any future religious beliefs. Single-parent families are, of course, included.


Losing a much-loved pet which has become a friend and family member can be a distressing and often heartbreaking experience for adults and children alike. Deciding how best to remember your pet is an important decision not to be taken lightly. A Humanist Service enables you to say your farewells and acknowledges your relationship with your pet.


A Humanist Funeral in Spain is becoming increasingly common. It is very suitable for those loved ones who did not have religious views on life or death.

It is a celebration of their life and enables the 'goodbyes' to be said - which helps start the grieving process. Relatives can express feelings and share memories.


These services are tributes to the person's life, honouring their memory, often taking place some time after the funeral.